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All new coupons must be verified through your My Page (My Coupons tab) before use.

To verify: Enter the 16 digit coupon code you received and press coupon code certification.

To use: Click the coupon button next to one of your items on the order form page.


NEW members will receive a one time use $3 off coupon that may be used immediately after registering as a member.

(minimum $10 purchase)

*Expires after 30 days


Receiving & Using Store Credits:

There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount when using available store credits. However you must have a minimum $3 in credits to apply them to your purchase.

To use: Enter the amount of credits you would like to apply to your purchase in the order form page.

*You may accumulate a maximum of $100 in unused credits.


Earning Credits:

Store credits are automatically earned with every purchase.

You will receive store credit amounting to 1% of your total purchase.


Store credits can be earned through reviews.

$0.50 for text-only reviews

$1.00 for photo reviews


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